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Why Choose Our Facebook Ads Service

Facebook, has captured a vast potential global market of more than 2 billion monthly active users. That’s one fifth of the global population. Facebook has become an important social medial platform and online channel for promoting products and services.

Facebook Ads is a vital element in today’s digital marketing strategies where small businesses and companies with limited resources can level the playing field against the big brands with huge marketing budgets. Facebook ads are highly competitive in pricing. It is affordable considering the potential reach the advertisers can have of their ideal target audience.

With its granular targeting based on key interests and behaviors, Facebook Ads enables advertisers to find users with great precision. Or put it simply, Facebook Ads helps old and new customers find you.

You can gain the upper hand over your competitors in your niche and remain competitive by having a Facebook Ads strategy that captures audience attention and establishes you or your business as a leader in your industry.

At Komodo Digital, we conduct audience research and analysis, messaging and offers. These are essential processes in creating strategies to drive leads or sales conversions.

We utilize effective targeting techniques based on key variables that include interests, industry, demographics and jobs among others. Our services include business page creation, ad objectives identification and goal development, creating engaging and eye-catching ads design, ads retargeting, ads management and reporting.