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Bing search engine powers 11.7 billion monthly searches around the globe. It has the ability to connect you with 45.4 million searchers that Google can’t reach. There are 27% of clicks that come from searches that are exclusive to the Microsoft Search Network.

Microsoft Search Network is common and familiar to almost everybody’s lives. From powering the devices, to apps and sites that are used everyday and everywhere. Microsoft Search Network is integrated on Bing and its partner sites, Windows 10, Cortana, Office, across third-party platforms and its partners, inside Amazon’s devices, Spotlight Search on Apple devices, maps on thousands of leading websites and web results for Siri.

Microsoft Advertising works much like Google Ads. People type their keywords into search engine like Bing. If the keywords match your ad in the search, your ad will display on the search results page on Bing.

Businesses of all kinds and types find value and success using the Microsoft Advertising platform. Whether the ad focus is to drive customer leads to your website, foot traffic or local calls, Microsoft Advertising has these features for you to take advantage of. Knowing how to use these features will give you an excellent ROI for you advertising investment.

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