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Organic search traffic still dominates the the top source of website visitors by more than 51% compared to paid and social traffic according to research.

People usually go to search engines and type in relevant keywords to look for information, products or services. Online research are being conducted before deciding to make a purchase.

SEO is a viable organic traffic marketing strategy for every website. It is a potent digital marketing strategy that drives long-term results. It makes it easy for people interested in your products or service to find you or discover your business.

Any investment that go to SEO is a wise decision to make. Its long-term benefits make it cost-efficient. Being on the top page on the search results will bring more potential customers to your website. The more website visitors you have the more potential sales you may get.

Komodo Digital is an expert in optimizing your online presence, tweaking websites with the goal of driving free organic traffic to be favored by search engine algorithms.

With the right techniques and strategies in optimizing websites, and the depth of knowledge of how search engines better understand what your website is about, we help you rank your website for various search keywords making it discoverable by your target market.

SEO is a long-term game that will bring you reliable traffic to your website potentially converting visitors into loyal buying customers.