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Website Testing Service

Why Choose Our Website Testing Service

Having a website designed and developed is not enough. There are thousands upon thousand being created every single day. Thanks to easy website creation applications, one doesn’t need to be an expert to create a website and make it live in a few hours.

An excellent website website gives users a pleasant browsing experience and should give a lasting impression to them. With nearly 2 billion active websites in the world, people despise a website that doesn’t perform well and just waste their time. Customers can do more in an hour of web browsing. If a website doesn’t load immediately, they can simply close that website and head on to the next one. That means a loss of customer, a loss of potential profit to a business and a waste of investment.

This where website testing becomes an essential need. Website testing checks your website or web application for potential bugs, functionality, security, reliability, compatibility and performance.

Komodo Digital has a website testing processes designed to make your site faster by meticulously going through each criteria mentioned above. We test, analyze and optimize your website to perform well. Then we compare its performance to your competitors’ websites.

A full tested and optimized website drives inquiries and interactions, increases user trust in your business, gives user a pleasant browsing experience, improves search rankings, draws more inbound links and brings visitors back more often .

Website testing is not a simple matter. Let us do the job for you.