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Quality Control Service

Why Choose Our Quality Control Service

We are living in a digital age where our lives depend on the convenience that modern technology bring us. It made our lives better and easier. Transactions and communications on different had made it faster, too. Software processes and automation is helping us reduce human error. Technology keeps on rapidly advancing and we are seeing one being introduced somewhere out there everyday.

On the other hand, application failures have caused damage of various kinds as well, from financial loss to loss of human lives.

There is a need to ensure that the web and mobile applications that are being developed should not fail from its expected function and performance. This is where quality control comes in.

Komodo Digital can ensure you that your end product is fit for use and that meets customer needs. We make sure that the goals for quality control testing are met and that your product will pass the standards of performance and usability.

If the application is critical to finances and human living, it is important to invest in quality control. It will minimize or totally eliminate the margin of errors and other technical issues and increase a delightful experience to your end users and making them your product advocates.

Our quality control phases


This phase include reviews of the requirements, design, code, deployment plan, test plan and test cases.


This phase include testing through the following types: unit testing, integration testing, system testing and acceptance testing.